Extra Care Housing

Extra Care Housing, also known as Assisted Living is a type of housing with care, which means you retain independence whilst having access on-site to specialist care services to support you with tasks such as washing, dressing, going to the toilet or taking medication. Diamond Home Care are proud to be a specialist ‘Extra Care’ provider with valuable experience in this area.

Some of the Extra Care schemes where we are currently based are as follows:

Our care services at the Extra Care sites support the following needs:

  • Autism
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Dementia
  • Hearing-Impaired and Deaf
  • Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities
  • Medical Conditions and Health Difficulties
  • Physical Conditions or Difficulties
  • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Challenges
  • Speech, Language, and Communication Needs
  • Visually-Impaired and Blind